What Are The Benefits of Silk Screening in Garments?

The quality of a fabric depends not only on its material but also the printing. Silk screening or serigraphy is an old method of printing on garments. It is dated back to at least 100 years, and the process is interesting.

[Workwear Silk screening] offers numerous benefits apart from good printing quality. It offers various kinds of designs on mostly all types of materials such as silk, cotton, plastic, wood, or more. We will learn about how they are beneficial in garment printing. But, first, let’s glance over its interesting process.

How does Silk Screening Work?

Silk-screening involves the process of transferring images from a sheet-type medium to the final material. The printing frame, along with the image, is placed on top of the material. A thicker ink is used for spreading it over the sheet-type medium. A scraper tool spreads the ink over the sheet to print the image on the shirt.

You probably would have seen companies offering custom design shirts. They do it by using the method of silk screening or digital printing. In coveralls, this method is useful for printing logos as they can withstand harsh temperatures.

Silk screening doesn’t necessarily use silk cloth for printing. It’s the name that has been given to it in history. Nowadays, polyester is a preferred fabric for it. Let’s check out what advantages it has.

Benefits of Silk Screening

Clean and Sharp Logos

The most important benefit of silk screening that many business owners enjoy is its neatness. Silk screening offers clear and sharp logos. Their overall appearance is great, and many coveralls use this method to print logos on the shirts.

Sharp Colors and Contrasts

Silk screening takes care of the color requirements. It has a good depth of color, reaching the required level of contrast. The sharpness that it gives as a result of strong printing is great for use in coveralls and professional uniforms.

Light In Weight

Silk screening is a lightweight addition to the garment. It does not affect the weight of the garment. This property is useful in industries requiring heavy work as a lightweight print will not affect workflow.

Fine Colors

As compared to other printing techniques, silk screening settles fine colors on your garment. If you have an image of various colors, the silk-screening technique will include all of them. Its final design will have a precise color match.

Note that there is a difference between the image on the screen and the one after printing on the fabric. It is because they emit colored light differently.


Silk screening is an eco-friendly process. It is because it uses toxic chemicals and cleans them to use in the printing of the shirt. Those chemicals, otherwise, would go into the drain and pollute our environment.

Moreover, silk screening uses green screens that are reusable and adjustable. This allows the re-printing of your orders using the same screen.

Better Life

You would have noticed that many prints from the shirts fade out after one wash or two. While many other prints fade out, silk screening guarantees the long life of its prints. Silk screening uses colors that last for a long time.


Silk screening allows prints in multiple colors. It offers high-quality printing that gives a modern-looking appearance. These prints are great for a modern look.

Silk Screening V/s Digital Printing; A Comparison

The silk-screening technique and digital printing both have their unique advantages. The silk-screening technique is good for printing in bulk. Previously, it was limited to only a few colors. But, now, many different colors are used to print what you want.

The silk-screening is also suitable for producing high-quality images with sharp contrasts.

Digital printing, on the other hand, is an advanced technique that is much faster. It also helps in printing images of multiple colors. It is an economical choice for fewer prints.

Silk screening printing is a reliable method for printing images in bulks. It has been in use for ages, and people are still using this technique for printing logos or more.

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