What are the Benefits of Email Data?

How can you use email data to increase your businesses revenue?

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods when done correctly. It is not as simple as just sending a few emails per month. It is far more beneficial to have a strategy behind your plan to maximise the revenue gained from email marketing. In this blog, we will discuss the role of Email Data | B2B Email Data Listsemail data and how this can be used effectively to increase your businesses revenue.

Email Marketing

The first rule of thumb for an effective email marketing campaign is the accuracy and freshness of your chosen email data. Whilst email marketing is useful, and you can reach a broad audience with ease, the quality of the data plays a huge part in the success of your campaign. Email marketing is practical and is effective in all industries. It is one of the most cost-effective methods as the cost for email marketing platforms and designing your email campaigns is cheaper when comparing to other methods such as postal marketing, and the production and bidding in video marketing campaigns.

Our first top tip would be to find highly accurate and targeted email data to send your campaign out. Make sure to look for a responsible data provider who complies with all General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Acts. At Business Data Prospects, our GDPR and data protection compliance alleviates all of your stress and worries concerning data protection for your marketing campaigns. It gives you the peace of mind that your campaigns are in safe hands.

Now that you have considered the implications surrounding data protection, it is time to find the most suited target audience for your products and services. You should consider the best target industries and decision-makers to market to. Alongside this, consider the logistics of delivering your product or carrying out your service to determine the most suitable locations of where you want your customers to be. This may be on an international or national scale for your products; however, certain services may need to be within a certain mile radius or time from your office to be profitable for your business when accounting for travel time and costs.

One of the benefits of purchasing email data from data providers, such as Business Data Prospects, is that you can include selections within your data, such and turnover and employee counts. This is most useful when you know of a target audience which you have had success with in the past. You may have found from previous marketing efforts that your products and services are suited to specific sized companies. Adding in these selections means you are accurately targeting the right companies for a greater return on your investment, boosting your businesses revenue.

Ensuring the accuracy and quality of the email data is vital for your campaign; this is data and contact details which your email is going to be delivered to. Imagine an email database where all of the contacts have passed through multiple tiers of verifications, just 24-48 hours before receiving your email data. This will be highly accurate and give your campaign the best chance of reaching as many inboxes of your prospects as possible.

At Business Data Prospects, we can have your email data despatched in as little as 24-48 hours from the point of order. We only provide email data which has undertaken multiple levels of checks and verifications with our in-house market research team to ensure full accuracy. We do this because we understand the importance of fresh and accurate email data. The email data can be the make or break of your campaign. If you used old, uncleansed data, then your campaign is not going to reach a sufficient number of inboxes.

Think of how many people move jobs and positions within a year. Even in 6 months. In the case that your data has not been cleansed when compiled from your businesses CRM, contact and signup forms, the likelihood is that a large number of the recipients will have changed positions and companies. Subsequently meaning the data you hold is no longer accurate. You will not reach your intended recipient.

Furthermore, it is unlikely that if their mailboxes are still open, they will get forwarded on to the next best contact, which is most likely the person that has filled that vacant position. If the email is forwarded onwards, as you have tried reaching someone who has left the company, it does not look great, and the new contact may ignore your email as it wasn’t intended and addressed to them. They will also see that you have not kept up to date records. Consequently, this is losing potential business and impacting your potential revenue.

Email Personalisation

Personalisation plays a considerable part in email marketing. If you address the contact in subject lines and throughout the email, you give your email the opportunity for higher click through and open rates. Alongside this, the recipient is more likely to develop their trust in you as you are addressing the email directly to them. Therefore, it is also essential that you have the correct information for this contact, including the correct spelling of their first name and surname.

Of course, your email copy also plays a crucial part in the success of your campaign. It is essential to start with a strong subject line, addressing the reader, followed by an engaging content to keep the recipient reading. This includes the personalisation we have already discussed. Remember to add a call to action (CTA), so the reader has more options to contact you rather than just replying. Remember, email marketing is an essential tool, make sure to stay focused and implement the key points as it may take some trial and error to develop the perfect formula for your business.

B2B email marketing

Business Data Prospects are the UK’s only data owner. Being a data owner means that we own all of our business data and email data, we do not broker or resell any B2B data from other data providers and companies. All of our data is market researched and must pass through multiple levels of checks and verifications via our market research and data team to ensure complete accuracy. We are that confident in our data that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our email data. Further to this, we are the only data company in the UK to do so. Why not get in touch to see how you can reach your perfect target market today?


If you are looking for a fresh and accurate email database to give your marketing campaign further reach, get in contact with us today. Our dedicated account managers are always more than happy to discuss your requirements and any questions regarding your email data marketing campaigns.

We are living in the era of internet and social media. Fast means of communication and worldwide connectivity is easily available in every part of the world and this has transformed the world into a global village. The importance of social networking websites is increasing day by day. Now a days postal services have been replaced by e-mail messaging. This has entirely revolutionized the process of personal and professional means of communications between people and organization. E-mail has not only provided us to manage and organize our personal and professional information but also has allowed rapid, fast and reliable transfer of data with our friends, family and other public relations. E-mail data can be beneficial for us in many ways. Some of its advantages have been discussed here.

Benefits of E-mails

Email is used in a number of different ways for example to contact with friends, to communicate with professors and supervisors, making request about information, and to apply for jobs, scholarships or internships. Depending on the purpose of sending e-mail messages they will differ in formality and expression to approach desired audience to achieve desired outcomes.

##Effective Email Communication

In order to use e mail as an effective way in accomplishing one’s communication goals, one must be logically know when it is appropriate to send a brief OK message, and when a more descriptive or lengthy message is required and when a more professional emails needed? Each task should decides what style of writing is more appropriate? Effective use of e mails needs to address all these issues and a thorough study about them!


No doubt email is a valuable tool of communication, but it also challenging to be used for its writers. Sometimes emails may cause miscommunication when sender and receiver have different expectation about email messages. Emails have a variety of different purposes, like email messages to keep in contact with friends, communicate and discuss your subject matters with your professors and supervisors, email messages requesting information, and emails to apply for jobs, internships or scholarships. Depending on a particular purpose, the messages that are conveyed to the receivers may differ in their formality to address the preferred audience and desired outcomes.

To understand about the issues like how to know clearly that sending an email is the most effective way of accomplishing your communication goal for a particular task? and when a brief message OK is enough, and when it is more appropriate to send a longer, more professional-sounding email? and how should you decide what style of writing is appropriate for each task? To know answers to all these questions on should keep reading about effective use of emails!

When to use email as a mean of communication?

Email is suitable way of communication in following situations.

  1. Email is a suitable way to keep in touch with a person who is hard to reach through other sources like telephone, students who do not attend campus regularly, or the persons living in other parts of the country or world or are living in a different time zone.

  2. Mostly e mails are used to share information that is not time-sensitive. For example e mails are used in promotion of your products or events. It can also be used to convey important announcements. In fact The sending an email is instantaneous but the receiver’s response on a certain e-mail may not be instantaneous. Some people keep up with their email correspondence as a part of their job, and do it during their regular business hours. For other cases it might take a few days for receivers to respond to an e-mail message if they have not promised with the senders to respond earlier.

  3. E-mail is an appropriate way of communication when you have to send someone an e-file, such as a document from a course, a spreadsheet with important data, or a rough draft of manuscript.

  4. Using e-mails information can be quickly distributed to a large number of people quickly for example an official circular to the entire office staff.

  5. E-mails are useful in keeping a written record of the communication. Saving important emails is helpful to refer back about the context of earlier messages.

  6. Record of e-mail data can provide proof of payments made for products or services.

  7. E-mail record can help review the content of an important meeting.

  8. Email is a fast low cost and paper free source of communication for business to promote and advertise their products, services and better customer experience.

In short e-mails are easier and faster way of communication which have covered a vast majority of useful aspects in our lives.