What Are Sultanas

What Are Sultanas

What is Sultan?

Sultana (also called Sultana) is a type of seed. Turkic, Greek or Iranian. In some countries, especially in the Commonwealth, raisins are called the same. They are usually larger than the Zante gooseberry, but also smaller than the regular laughs. Sometimes the name Sultana is used for all raisins, because in other English-speaking countries the breakfast grain known as raisins is called Sultana Ann.

Sultana raisins have a delicate and unique taste and are known for their golden color.

Sultana wines were traditionally imported from the Ottoman Empire into the English-speaking world. According to royal folklore, Sultana was discovered when the sultan left his life in the sun after the lion escaped, so Sultana's name was derived from the sultan's female form. Turkey and Australia are the main users.

Sultanaji is named after William Thompson, an expert in the United States, named after Thompson Seedless, one of Kalia's first producers and who is sometimes credited with introducing the genre. According to US Code of Conduct, the two names are identical. Almost all gooseberries in Kalia (about 97 97% in 2000) and about one-third of the total area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKalia are of this variety, making it the most cultivated variety.

Anglo-Americans in the United States do not clearly distinguish between all types of English-speaking dry gel (grapes, raisins, raisins) and other types of golden raisins that can be marketed as raisins. In addition, almost all black raisins are made with Thompson Seedless G, even those that are not as golden as traditional Sultana grapes due to the different drying process. The term sultana is not commonly used in American English to indicate a type of raisin, as most American raisins are derived from sultans, they are simply called raisins or golden raisins in terms of color. The latter, which is at least similar to the color of a traditional goose, dries artificially and, unlike natural raisins, contains sulfur. [8] Most sultans in Kalia and elsewhere are treated with the gibberell plant Ramon.

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What Are Sultanas