Wet Loan

Wet Loan,

Wet Loan: What is the Meaning of Wet Loan?

  1. A wet loan is a mortgage that provides funds at or at the end of a loan application. Offering other documents required to close the property, such as: B investigation and search for titles is done after the distribution of funds.

Literal Meanings of Wet Loan


Meanings of Wet:
  1. Cover with dry liquid or dry.

  2. A liquid that attaches to something.

  3. A person who does not have the strength or power of character.

  4. A person who opposes a ban on alcohol.

  5. Covered or saturated with water or other liquid.

  6. Demonstrate lack of strength or weakness of character.

  7. (Of a country or region or its laws) that allows the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Sentences of Wet
  1. She dipped her finger and turned the pages

  2. I can feel soaked in your tears

  3. He keeps slipping on the wet rock

Synonyms of Wet

wetness, ineffective, effete, weakling, dampened, humidify, dampen, timid, cowardly, feeble, moistened, moisture, dampness, moist, timorous, namby-pamby, baby, spiritless, ineffectual, silly, inept


Meanings of Loan:
  1. Loan (cash or goods)

  2. Some loans, especially one that must be repaid with interest.

  3. A narrow alley or narrow path leading to open ground

Sentences of Loan
  1. We had the word processor loan on the theme

  2. Borrowers can apply for a کے 84,000 loan

Synonyms of Loan

lend, allow, credit, advance, give credit