Wendy's Mascot

Wendy's Mascot

What is Wendy's mascot / logo? ۔

Is Little Dinner the daughter of Wendy Dave Thomas?


I love your pictures ... you are cute!

Yes, she is the daughter of Dave Thomas.

Yes this is your daughter Many people think it's just a picture, but it's actually a potogram. In fact, she has a rare condition that makes her look like a cartoon girl. He is now 47 years old, but he still looks like that.

By the way, Melinda Lowe or Wendy, as we know her, is the daughter of Dave Thomas ...

Yes, the story is that Dave's youngest daughter doesn't know her older sister's name, Melinda, and she looks like Wendy.

His daughter is Pepi Das Mias Altas, but the restaurant is named after his fourth daughter, Melinda (also known as Wendy).

Wendy's Mascot