Wendy's Iced Tea

Wendy's Iced Tea

What is the recipe for Wendy's Iced Tea? 3


what is it like?

Go to Wendy's and ask which tea bag they use. It wasn't delicious, but they made it fresh. Unless, of course, your Wendy's has iced tea in a soda dispenser, why should you take this prescription?

Unless you have changed your purchase, it depends on the offer. I know why I sell tea to different vendors at the same time, but not to everyone.

Wendy's Iced Tea

Wendy's Iced Tea

I worked as a Shift Suisor at Wendys for 7 years and they use free sweet tea and full size Lipton tea bags and make cold water tea that you can sweeten to your liking and Serve fresh with a slice of lemon.

A basket

A pinch of gas

1 ashtray full of coins.


Drive slowly with gasoline to the next window in the car. Cross the unit and gently shake the shift. Simply, you get the best Wendy's Iced Tea.

I'm sure they only serve Nestia with sweet iced tea.

Look here. Not stupid Here in the clouds.

Wendy told me not to tell anyone. So I fell silent. I need my wings too

Soak the tobacco leaves for 3 minutes and you will get tea immediately.

Wendy's Iced Tea