Wellness program

Wellness program,

Definition of Wellness program:

  1. Besides improving employee productivity and decreasing sick days and leaves of absence—all of which reduce operating costs—wellness programs may be able to lower an organization's health insurance expenses. Employees can also benefit from wellness programs through lower health insurance premiums, decreased out-of-pocket medical expenditures, and an increased sense of well-being.

  2. An employer approach to improving employee health, wellness programs include activities such as company-sponsored exercise, weight-loss competitions, educational seminars, tobacco-cessation programs, and health screenings that are designed to help employees eat better, lose weight, and improve overall physical health. Wellness programs often involve financial incentives for employees, such as lower health insurance premiums or gift cards.

  3. Comprehensive health program designed to maintain a high level of well being through proper dies, light exercises, stress management, and illness prevention.

How to use Wellness program in a sentence?

  1. Wellness programs can be controversial when data collected on weight, cholesterol, or other variables result in de facto discrimination.
  2. Wellness programs can pay dividends for employees and employers when it reduces expenses for health insurance or health care.
  3. Weight-loss competitions, educational seminars, and exercise programs are examples of wellness programs.
  4. Healthy-eating vending and cafeterias are sometimes part of employer wellness programs.
  5. Wellness programs are provided by employers to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles.

Meaning of Wellness program & Wellness program Definition