Welfare state

Welfare state,

Definition of Welfare state:

  1. Most modern countries practice some elements of what is considered the welfare state. That said, the term is frequently used in a derogatory sense to describe a state of affairs where the government in question creates incentives that are beyond reason, resulting in an unemployed person on welfare payments earning more than a struggling worker. The welfare state is sometimes criticized as being a "nanny state" in which adults are coddled and treated like children. .

  2. Welfare state refers to a type of governing in which the national government plays a key role in the protection and promotion of the economic and social well-being of its citizens. A welfare state is based on the principles of equality of opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth, and public responsibility for those unable to avail themselves of the minimal provisions of a good life. Social Security, federally mandated unemployment insurance programs, and welfare payments to people unable to work are all examples of the welfare state.

  3. Political system based on the premise that the government (and not the individual, corporations, or the local community) has the responsibility for the well being of its citizens, by ensuring that a minimum standard of living is within everyones reach. This commitment is translated into provision of universal and free education, universal medical care, insurance against disability, sickness, and unemployment, family allowances for income supplement, and old age pensions.

  4. A system whereby the government undertakes to protect the health and well-being of its citizens, especially those in financial or social need, by means of grants, pensions, and other benefits. The foundations for the modern welfare state in the US were laid by the New Deal programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Synonyms of Welfare state

ADC, Medicaid, Medicare, Absolute monarchy, Aristocracy, Autarchy, Autocracy, Autonomy, Child welfare, Coalition government, Colonialism, Commonweal, Commonwealth, Constitutional government, Constitutional monarchy, Cradle-to-grave security, Democracy, Dictatorship, Dominion rule, Duarchy, Duumvirate, Dyarchy, Federal government, Federation, Feudal system, Garrison state, Gerontocracy, Guaranteed annual income, Guaranteed income, Health insurance, Heteronomy, Hierarchy, Hierocracy, Home rule, Limited monarchy, Martial law, Meritocracy, Militarism, Military government, Mob rule, Mobocracy, Monarchy, Neocolonialism, Ochlocracy, Old-age assistance, Oligarchy, Pantisocracy, Patriarchate, Patriarchy, Police state, Public assistance, Public welfare, Pure democracy, Regency, Relief, Representative democracy, Representative government, Republic, Self-determination, Self-government, Sickness insurance, Social democracy, Social insurance, Social security, Social service, Social welfare, Social work, Socialized medicine, State medicine, Stratocracy, Technocracy, Thearchy, Theocracy, Totalitarian government, Totalitarian regime, Triarchy, Triumvirate, Tyranny, Unemployment compensation, Unemployment insurance, Welfare, Welfare capitalism, Welfare payments, Welfare statism, Welfare work, Welfarism, Womb-to-tomb security

How to use Welfare state in a sentence?

  1. I didnt realize that the state I was in was a welfare state and it made me a bit sad to be a part of it.
  2. When in a welfare state some people are happy enough to just exist and feed off the government instead of working hard.
  3. Most modern countries have programs that are reflective of a welfare state, such as unemployment insurance and welfare payments.
  4. Concessions made to the working class included a considerable welfare state and decent public services.
  5. The welfare state exists in some countries but not in others. In non nanny states people have little or no fall back or safety net.
  6. However, the term "welfare state" is a charged one, as critics of such a system say it involves too much government involvement in the lives and well-being of citizens.
  7. By definition, in a welfare state, the government is responsible for the individual and social welfare of its citizens.
  8. The welfare state is a way of governing in which the state or an established group of social institutions provides basic economic security for its citizens.

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