Welcome Home In Japanese

Welcome Home In Japanese

Why do the people of Anisa welcome me? 3

For example ... Konichewa Good Afternoon ... I'm looking for an equivalent to welcome.

Okaerinasai greets me (official)

Usually used by his wife or children when they have to fire me.

Okaeri same meaning (unofficial)

Usually mothers use it for their children.

(But of course it depends on what kind of use it is. I think informal use is normal, no).

This is Okeri feminine. Whenever you say this to a friend or family member, you can say Okiri. This is a common way of saying Okiri feminine.

By the way, Konichiwa doesn't just mean hello. It's more like. You can use it almost any time of the day. (And there is a double n in the middle of the word. It is spelled Konnechiwa. Many people misunderstand it and say Konichiwa tug.)

I see this is a help. I am in shape and I speak anise.

Welcome Home In Japanese