Weis Ecoupons

Weis Ecoupons

How do I get a Weis Gold card?

To qualify as a Gold Preferred Customer, you must spend at least $ 3,500 per year (approximately $ 67 per week) or shop twice per week on average at our store. You can check your progress towards becoming a Gold Card member by logging into your MyWeis account.

People also ask: How do you get a Weis card?

If you don’t currently have a club card, please submit the information below and a Weis Preferred Shoppers club card.

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Do you also know how I get my Weis card number?

If you already have a Weis Club card, you can use this number to automatically view your details. Simply create a MyWeis account online and enter your club card number to sync your data! Update your account information! To update your information, please edit your information on your My Weis account profile page.

And what is the Weis Gold status?

With Gold Preferred status, customers regularly receive personalized voucher offers by post and email. According to the website, these offers are only for the preferred gold buyer.

How do Weis electronic coupons work?

E-coupons are digital paper-loaded coupons that you can use to redeem digital coupons by simply adding them to your album. You can redeem eCoupons in-store by making the purchase request and collecting your club card at the cashier.

Which gas station does Weis use?

You must use your Preferred Shoppers Club card at the time of purchase to be eligible for Gas Rewards points. You can use your savings at Weis Gas N Go stations and participating Sheetz and Manleys stations.

How many wisdom points do I need for a free turkey?

400 points

How many white points do you need for gasoline?

Valid December 30, 2018 If you redeem your Weis bonus points for petrol bonuses, you must redeem all your Weis bonus points (maximum 1000 points). If you have more than 1000 points, the points will remain in your account.

Weis points expired?

Do my points ever expire?

Yes, sir. The total number of Weis Rewards points and the end date of the promotion are indicated at the bottom of the receipt. If you have not redeemed all of your points by the end of the redemption period, your account will be restored and all unused Weis Rewards points will expire.

Weis sells stamps?

What can white dots be used for?

WeisSheetz Reward Program

Can Weis Gift Cards be used for petrol?

Buy a Weis Gas gift card. The recipient is invited to use the gift card at Weis Gas. This gift card can also be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted (see cardholder agreement for more information). Weis Gas gift cards can be purchased online through Treat.

What do you get with white dots?

When you accumulate 100 points, you can receive the following discounts: 10 cents per gallon discount at participating Weis Gas N Go service stations and Sheetz, Mirabito, Highs and Carroll Motor Fuels stores. 19 cents pound bananas. 39 cents for a 20-ounce loaf of Weis quality sandwich bread.

Discount for Seniors Gir Weis?

From the age of 60 you can now benefit from a 10% discount on Weis products every Tuesday. This discount applies to 6,000 Weis brands, including: Weis Quality, Weis Signature Collection, Weis Organics, Valu Time, Full Circle and TopCare.

Weis offers discounts for seniors?

How much money can you get from Weis?

Short answer: No, Weis Cash does not check, unless you are a Weis employee and are trying to pay a salary. However, you can get up to $ 50 in cash on purchase.

How do you pronounce Weis Supermarket?

The pronunciation of Weis is WISE.

Skip Weis price?

At Weis Markets, we assure our clients that the price calculated on our records for all goods is correct. If the invoiced price is higher than the shelf price or advertised price, the customer will receive the item at the lowest price listed. The price of the benchmarks includes all prices displayed or displayed.

How much do Weis postal orders cost?

Yes, sir. There is a $ 4.95 charge on all withdrawal requests, but no charges apply for orders of $ 100 or more.

What gift cards does Weis have?

How does Weis work?

Each 2GB Weis order is carefully selected by trained personal buyers and then carefully archived until pickup, where customers can pay via a secure PayPal system or in-store.

Apple pays?

Weis Ecoupons