Weighted average

Weighted average,

Definition of Weighted average:

  1. On average, each element is multiplied by the element that shows its importance.

  2. Average, where the relative importance of an element is determined by the number (weight) of each element. Results are added and divided by total weight. Weight averages are often used as indicators in descriptive statistical analysis. It is also called a weighted average.

How to use Weighted average in a sentence?

  1. You will need to calculate the average weight of your stats to determine if you are using the correct number.
  2. The average values ​​displayed are average weight values.
  3. The weight of the equation provides useful information to summarize our position in the market in terms of average sales volume.
  4. Final exam in Ms. European Economics class. Merkel was responsible for 35% of the overall score and 65% of the class attendance. He used an average weight to calculate each student's final grade.

Meaning of Weighted average & Weighted average Definition