Weighted Average Maturity (WAM)

Weighted Average Maturity (WAM),

What is The Meaning of Weighted Average Maturity (WAM)?

  • Wet Everest Term (WAM) is the term for the average mortgage by weight on securities that support mortgages (MBS). The term is more widely used to describe the maturity of a portfolio of debt securities, including corporate and local government bonds. The higher the WAM, the longer the mortgage or portfolio bond. WAM is used to manage loan portfolios and to evaluate the performance of loan portfolio managers.

    • Average Weight Maturity (WAM) is a measure of the overall maturity of a bundled mortgage in Mortgage Supported Security (MBS).
    • A longer WAM means a slightly higher interest rate and credit risk than a shorter WAM MBS.
    • WAM is the opposite of another popular measure of MBS duration: Average Weight Loan Age (WALA).

  • The WAM Fund calculates the average remaining period of all securities in the portfolio, which is weighed against each percentage of the securities in the net assets. Accounting The final maturity of fixed income securities and the interest on fixed income securities held in the portfolio are examined. In this way, the sensitivity of the fund to possible changes in interest rates can be measured.

Literal Meanings of Weighted Average Maturity (WAM)


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