Weighted Average Life (WAL)

Weighted Average Life (WAL),

Weighted Average Life (WAL) Meanings:

  1. The definition of Weighted Average Life (WAL) is: The average life span (WL) is the length of time that each of the outstanding principal dollars remains unpaid on a loan, mortgage or amortized loan. WAL's calculation shows an investor, analyst or portfolio manager how many years it will take to achieve half of the principal balance. This formula is useful for measuring the credit risk of fixed income securities.

    • The average life weight is used to determine the amount of dollars outstanding on a mortgage or loan balance.
    • Calculations are made because important payments are taken into account. For example, if payments are made in five years, Wall is almost five years old.
    • The average weighted term does not take into account the interest payments on the loan.
    • Most investors choose securities with the lowest wall, as a small number indicates that the security has a low credit risk.

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Meanings of Average:
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