Weighted Alpha

Weighted Alpha,

Weighted Alpha:

  • Weighted Alpha measures security performance, with a strong emphasis on recent activity, especially during a particular period of the year.

    • Wozniak Alpha measures safety performance with a strong emphasis on recent activity, especially during a particular period of the year.
    • A positive weighted alpha indicates that the bond has beaten the benchmark, a negative measure indicates otherwise, and zero indicates that the bond has performed similarly with the benchmark. What
    • Weight Alpha helps identify companies that have shown strong trends over the past year, and especially those that are growing rapidly.

Literal Meanings of Weighted Alpha


Meanings of Weighted:
  1. Help by putting something heavy on it.

  2. Explain the meaning or value.

  3. Fixed disabled weight (horse)

  4. (Fabric) Treat minerals to make it thicker and heavier.

  5. The relative mass of an object, or the amount of matter in it, which, due to the gravity of a person or object, produces a downward force.

  6. A piece of metal that is known to weigh a certain amount and is used on a scale to determine the weight of an object or the amount of a substance.

  7. The ability of someone or something to influence a decision or action.

  8. The density of the fabric surface, which is used as a measure of its quality.

Sentences of Weighted
  1. Half full cup of coffee with a stack of paper

  2. Speaking, reading and writing should have equal weight in the assessment.

  3. Overall 267 weight rounds for the Melbourne Cup and 279 weight rounds for the Field Cup.

  4. Weigh at least fifteen stones

  5. Shaman weighed the scale with a small brass weight

  6. The recommendations of the committee will be weighed

  7. Make two weights of ironing cloth and use them properly.

Synonyms of Weighted

draw attention to, teeth, value, mass, importance, burden, sway, focus attention on, play up, prestige, authority, substance, make a point of, highlight, spotlight, influence, power, force, foreground, load, call attention to, leverage, significance, pressure, muscle, point up, consequence, bring attention to


Meanings of Alpha:
  1. The first letter of the Greek alphabet (Α,) is transliterated as "a".

  2. A password that represents the letter A and is used in radio communications.

  3. A flat corner.

  4. The right addition

Sentences of Alpha
  1. He named them after the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and beta.

  2. We soon learned that the Alpha Bravo code is a type of phonetic alphabet used by NATO.