Definition of Week:

  1. A period of seven days.

  2. A designated timeframe consisting of seven days that range from Sunday through Saturday. A week sometimes may also refer to the work week, which only includes Monday through Friday and excludes weekends. The seven days of the week include Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Synonyms of Week

Break, Rest, Period of leave, Day off, Week off, Month off, Recess, School holiday, Heptateuch, Abundant year, Academic year, Annum, Bissextile year, Calendar month, Calendar year, Century, Common year, Day, Decade, Decennary, Decennium, Defective year, Fiscal year, Fortnight, Heptachord, Heptad, Heptagon, Heptahedron, Heptameter, Heptarchy, Heptastich, Hour, Leap year, Lunar month, Lunar year, Lunation, Luster, Lustrum, Man-hour, Microsecond, Millennium, Millisecond, Minute, Moment, Month, Moon, Quarter, Quinquennium, Regular year, Second, Semester, Septennate, Septet, Septuor, Session, Seven, Sevener, Sidereal year, Solar year, Sun, Term, Trimester, Twelvemonth, Weekday, Year

How to use Week in a sentence?

  1. The course lasts sixteen weeks.

Meaning of Week & Week Definition

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