How Do You Define Wedge?

  • A pitcher is a price pattern that is marked by a changing train line on a price chart. Two trend lines were developed to connect the respective heights and bottoms of the price range from 10 to 50 periods. The lines show that they are going up and down or down and at different speeds, giving the impression of a pitcher as they approach the abyss of the line. The wedge-shaped trend line is seen by technical analysts as a useful indicator of a possible reversal in price action.

    • Corner patterns are usually noticeable by changing trend lines in 10 to 50 trading periods.
    • Depending on the direction, the model can be viewed from an up or down angle.
    • These models have an excellent track record of predicting price reversals.

Meanings of Wedge

  1. Save it in place with a wedge.

  2. Power in the smallest space.

  3. A piece of wood, metal, or other material that is thick in length and has a topping on a thin edge that is pressed between two objects or parts of an object to secure or separate it.

  4. Prepare for use by cutting, kneading and discarding to adjust and remove air pockets.

Sentences of Wedge

  1. The door is stuck

  2. I put the bag in the back seat

  3. The anchor consists of a cast iron support plate and a special wedge to secure the rope to the anchor cabinet.

Synonyms of Wedge

tapered block, ram, pack, crush, jam, chock, thrust, push, cram, force, squeeze, door stop, stow


What is Wedge?

Angles are electronic patterns that converge trend lines on electronic charts. Two trend lines have been developed to connect the heights and widths of the series and for 10 to 50 seconds respectively. The lines show that they fall up and down and at different speeds, forming a wedge when the lines meet. The wedge-shaped trend line is seen by technicians as a useful indicator of a complete reversal of the process.

  • Corner patterns typically feature trend lines that accumulate in more than 10-50 trades.
  • The model can be viewed at an up or down angle depending on the direction.
  • These models have a great history of rollback.