Definition of Webcast:

  1. Web broadcast in which a live event (supported by audio, video, and chat capabilities) is presented to a large number of web users from a website. Often used for briefings, seminars, and celebrity interviews, webcast allows interactive user participation. Also called netcast, netcasting, or webcasting.

  2. Broadcast (an event) on the internet.

  3. A video broadcast of an event transmitted over the internet.

How to use Webcast in a sentence?

  1. I had to hurry home, or I would be late for the webcast and it would be great today because my favorite artist was going to be featured.
  2. You may want to put on a webcast from time to time that will show positive aspects of your product to customers.
  3. A live Webcast of the Victorias Secret annual fashion show.
  4. Services from St Johns are webcast once a week.
  5. Webcast s are used when someone wants to share information or experiences with a large number of people and use electronic means of communication to provide said information or explain said experience.

Meaning of Webcast & Webcast Definition