Web App

Web App

A web application is a client-server software application that runs the client in a web browser.

Literal Meanings of Web App


Meanings of Web:
  1. The silky structure the spider builds from the silk secreted by the spinnerets at the end of its abdomen is a web.

  2. (extended) Any interconnected collection of people, places, or things that schematically resembles a network.

  3. (sometimes with a capital letter) Especially the World Wide Web.

  4. Part of a baseball glove between the index finger and thumb, strap.

  5. Mesh or fabric structure.

  6. (usually with verbs of spinning, weaving or the like) A great story, more complex than myth or legend.

  7. The connection between the planks of the building elements increases the effective lever arm and thus the load-bearing capacity of the element.

  8. The thinnest vertical section of a rail line between the top (head) and bottom (bottom) of a rail.

  9. A fold of tissue that connects the toes of some birds or other animals.

  10. A series of tendrils on either side of the shaft of the spring, rigid and connected by pins, like regular springs, or soft and separated, like pins.

  11. A continuous network of material carried during the processing of the rolls.

  12. (lithography) A long sheet of paper fed from a roll to a printer, as opposed to individual sheets of paper.

  13. A of webbing used to adjust a car's hood extension.

  14. Thin sheets, sheets or strips, e.g. B. Lead.

  15. Large distribution network.

  16. Create or form a network.

  17. Cover with cobwebs or nets.

  18. Catch or confuse.

  19. Equip with a screen.

Sentences of Web
  1. Some of this content is now only available online.

  2. The sunlight flickered from the dew on the screen.

  3. Let me search the internet.

  4. He caught the ball on the canvas.

  5. The roof of the lookouts was a canvas of thin wooden planks.

  6. Be careful, he can weave a good web, but don't rely too much on what he says.

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Meanings of App:
  1. An application (program), especially small, designed for a mobile device.

  2. Application (use, target is not a computer program).

  3. Application (to college, etc.).

  4. In-game appearance (for example, a player with 10 applications played 10 times in a season).

Web App