Web 2.0 Link Management

Link Management

  1. Many links
  2. Unique or spun content
  3. Different websites
  4. Good management

Having a lot of links from this approach can be used to boost the rankings of a Youtube video or moneysite a like but for youtube work, a few links depending on competition factors can allow you to get to the first place of each tag for example if it was 5-word video tag such as"New York dog walking guide" you could do this with 5 to 10 links quite easy or in some cases get instant ranking once it’s being indexed by the website .

Around 10% of people who do Search engine work will use web 2.0 as part of there link building approach they may use to rank up money sites or Youtube videos. https://bestseocompaniesin.co.uk/

For the moneysite level, it means you only attach high quality or good links in the eyes of Google you could do it by simply attaching pbns if you want to include into this style of link building or you could attach high-quality web 2.0 this can come from sites like Weebly or say Wordpress the idea behind these sites is to give your main website good looking links so make site your sites below this have good quality content you can if you want to simply buy cheap content of people

So it’s unique or you can use content spun by a program but if you go down this route make it’s at least 70% unique content to make your risks a lot less or you can use robot-themed software which generates unique content as well to make your content as good as a person could make as well.

How to boost authority of a website

You can boot the authority of these sort of sites by using automatic link building tools such as GSA or Moneyrobot but make you do it on a low level so it does not get picked up by the owner of the website or by Google so you get the links disindexed so becareful here to stop that happening whenever possible so try and use a bit of common sense when possible to decrease your negative results here overall.

Next tier you can be bit more aggressive for example maybe attach say 1000 links to a max of 2000 a month to keep its authority going up to help boost your keywords rankings for the subdomain and your actual website as well.

In the next tier you can be a lot more aggressive software such as attach around 10,000 or more links to the sub site this can sometimes get your sites disindexed but if that happens just start a new one and over time you will find out what works and does not work well from gaining new experience in this area .

Unique content can be simply done by you making an article yourself or paying someone to do it but many people use good quality software to make high end unique content such as Word.ai which is a popular tool I have seen many people with high end web 2.0 networks using this software and I can see why since some of the content it makes will be better than people you may pay to make your content by quite a large amount since it’s a wonderfully designed software overall and the support is great as well if you ever have any issues could arise one way or another

Having different websites to get the links to can be smart such as

  1. Joomla
  2. Wordpress
  3. Weebly
  4. Tumblr
  5. medium.com
  6. livejournal.com
  7. sites.google.com
  8. blogspot.com
  9. kinja.com


Management is one of the biggest problems I notice with people who do it since you need to add in fresh content on regular basic say once a week or attach new links or look for new ones as well means you need to have good system in place to give you or your staff reminders of adding in new blog posts or using GSA or another software to make sure new links get attached to them on regular basic to make sure your network strength keeps growing and growing each month some of people who have big enough runs actually end up not buying pbn

links anymore but for you have you need a lot of sites unless you in a very low end comepetition niche overall for example a small local end SEO area such as small dog walking niche where you have just like 4 competitors with low quality sites and not much of page SEO work done to the sites then a small amount of web 2.0 can make big difference to your rankings to overtake your competitions overall meaning you can not have to pay for links or put much time into getting new guest posts if you can do this style right overall.

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