Definition of Weakness:

  1. The state or condition of lacking strength.

  2. Flaw that increases the risk of a failure.

Synonyms of Weakness

Frailty, Feebleness, Enfeeblement, Puniness, Fragility, Delicateness, Delicacy, Weakliness, Amor, Christian love, Eros, Platonic love, A thing for, Abulia, Accessibility, Admiration, Adoration, Affection, Affinity, Agape, Airiness, Airy texture, Amenableness, Anemia, Aptitude, Aptness, Ardency, Ardor, Area, Ashiness, Assailability, Attachment, Attenuation, Bad habit, Bag, Bent, Besetting sin, Bias, Bleariness, Blemish, Bloodlessness, Blur, Blurriness, Bodily love, Brain ■■■, Brotherly love, Bug, Cadaverousness, Carelessness, Caritas, Cast, Catch, Chance, Charity, Chicken-liveredness, Chickenheartedness, ■■■■■, Chloranemia, Conatus, Conduciveness, Conjugal love, Contingency, Cowardice, Cowardliness, Crack, Crush, Cullibility, Cup of tea, Darkness, Deadness, Deathly hue, Deathly pallor, Debilitation, Debility, Deceivability, Decrescendo, Defect, Defection, Deficiency, Defocus, Delicacy, Delight, Desire, Devotion, Diaphanousness, Diathesis, Dilutedness, Dilution, Dimness, Disposition, Drawback, Dullness, Dupability, Eagerness, Easiness, Easygoingness, Enervation, Enfeeblement, Ethereality, Eventuality, Exiguity, Exility, Exsanguination, Eyestrain, Fadedness, Failing, Failure, Faintheart, Faintheartedness, Faintness, Fairness, Faithful love, Fancy, Fatigue, Fault, Faute, Fear, Feeblemindedness, Feebleness, Feeling for, Fervor, Field, Filminess, Fineness, Flabbiness, Flame, Flatness, Flavorlessness, Flaw, Flimsiness, Fogginess, Foible, Fondness, Forcelessness, Forte, Frailty, Free love, Free-lovism, Fuzziness, Gauziness, Gentleness, Ghastliness, Goneness, Gossameriness, Gracility, Greenness, Gullibility, Gust, Gusto, Haggardness, Half-visibility, Haziness, Heart, Heart strain, Heel of Achilles, Henheartedness, Hero worship, Hoaxability, Hole, Human equation, Human frailty, Human weakness, Humanity, Humanness, Hypochromia, Hypochromic anemia, Idolatry, Idolism, Idolization, Imperfection, Impotence, Impotency, Imprecision, Impressionability, Impuissance, Inadequacy, Inanity, Inclination, Indefiniteness, Indifference, Indistinctness, Indistinguishability, Ineffectiveness, Ineffectuality, Inefficaciousness, Inefficacy, Infatuation, Infirmity, Influenceability, Ingenuousness, Insipidity, Insipidness, Insubstantiality, Jadedness, Jejuneness, Jejunity, ■■■■, Laciness, Lack of force, Lack of influence, Lack of magnetism, Lack of personality, Lack of power, Languor, Lasciviousness, Lassitude, Laxity, Laxness, Leaning, Leniency, Liability, Liableness, ■■■■■■, Lifelessness, Lightness, Like, Likelihood, Likeliness, Likes, Liking, Lily-liveredness, Line, Little problem, Lividness, Long suit, Looseness, Loosening, Love, ■■■■■■■■■■, Low profile, Lowness, Main interest, Malleability, Manner, Married love, Mental fatigue, Mental strain, Metier, Mildness, Milksopism, Milksoppiness, Milksoppishness, Mistiness, Moral flaw, Mortality, Movability, Muddiness, Naiveness, Naivete, Naivety, Negligence, No say, Obligation, Obscurity, Open-mindedness, Openness, Overindulgence, Overpermissiveness, Overstrain, Overtiredness, Paleness, Pallidity, Pallidness, Pallor, Paperiness, Passion, Pastiness, Penchant, Penetrability, Permissiveness, Persuadability, Perviousness, Pet subject, Physical love, Pigeonheartedness, Pliability, Popular regard, Popularity, Possibility, Power vacuum, Powerlessness, Predilection, Predisposition, Pregnability, Prejudice, Prison pallor, Probability, Problem, Proclivity, Proneness, Propensity, Pursuit, Rarity, Readiness, Receptiveness, Regard, Relaxation, Relaxedness, Relish, Remissness, Responsiveness, Rift, Sallowness, Saplessness, Savorlessness, Seduceability, Semivisibility, Sensitivity to, Sentiment, Sex, Sexual love, Shadowiness, Shine, Shortcoming, Sickliness, Sickly hue, Simpleness, Simplicity, Slackness, Sleepiness, Slenderness, Slightness, Slimness, Sloppiness, Snag, Soft focus, Soft spot, Softheartedness, Softness, Something missing, Specialism, Speciality, Specialization, Specialty, Spinelessness, Spiritual love, Staleness, Stance fatigue, Strain, Strong point, Style, Subaudibility, Subduedness, Subtility, Suggestibility, Susceptibility, Swayableness, Taint, Taste, Tastelessness, Technicality, Tendency, Tender feeling, Tender passion, Tenderheartedness, Tenderness, Tenuity, Thinness, Timidity, Timidness, Timorousness, Tiredness, Tropism, Truelove, Turn, Twist, Type, Unauthoritativeness, Uncertainty, Unclearness, Uninfluentiality, Unmanfulness, Unmanliness, Unpersuasiveness, Unplainness, Unrestraint, Unsavoriness, Unsophistication, Uxoriousness, Vague appearance, Vagueness, Vapidity, Vice, Vincibility, Vocation, Vulnerability, Vulnerable place, Vulnerable point, Wanness, Warm heart, Warmheartedness, Warp, Wateriness, Way, Weak link, Weak point, Weak side, Weak will, Weak-mindedness, Weakheartedness, Wearifulness, Weariness, Willingness, Wishy-washiness, Wispiness, Worship, Yearning, Yellowness

How to use Weakness in a sentence?

  1. When you are in a negotiation if you sense any weakness then you must pounce on it and take advantage.
  2. I knew the man had a weakness for chocolate, so I offered him ten Reeses Cups in exchange for the journal.
  3. When you are in a negotiation you should never show weakness or the other party may know they have the upper hand.
  4. The countrys weakness in international dealings.

Meaning of Weakness & Weakness Definition

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