What is Weo?

I want to work hard

Ready to give up their culture or anything to survive and / or become an anesthetic

There is a craze with more downloadable / manga and sure they are nineteen

Say it's too late! Highly recommended! From time to time, which bothers them a lot. You are matching English words with common identifiers that ah. This

Basically, like anything and everything about you.

Ask for lots of bugs and unnecessary Hollywood stuff

Saves your cell phones, sure refuses to hug people

.. However, Hugh was a terrible insult to most of them. People seem to hate it.

It's good to be Otako (* although it's a bad word because there are nerves) when you can still tell the truth about the mobile phone / fiction and always give meaningful feedback.

Wave is basically an insult, which means you are obsessed with nineteen cultures and stereotypes about your culture.