We are ready for handling a multitude of asphalt paving jobs

Paving Companies near me:

At A and M Groundworks, we are dedicated to providing our customers with not only scientifically advanced, durable asphalt material but also providing qualified paving and upholding services all through the entire year. The expert staff at A and M Groundworks will direct you through the asphalt paving and asphalt repair procedure from start to finish - ensuring your requirements are met with minimal disturbance. Our paving installers Paving Companies near me can help with all forms of both commercial and residential paving, ranging from paths through to driveways, verandahs, carparks, patios, alfresco, and feature paving. There is no job too big or small, and with the vast range of paving options obtainable, we can assist you to opt for the best paving for your needs.

The services offered by our Shelton asphalt company comprise:

  • Pavement installation
  • Asphalt repair
  • Sealcoating
  • Pavement grading
  • Asphalt maintenance

Quality Asphalt Material:

At A and M Groundworks, we are in comprehensive control of the asphalt material we provide to our clients. We use only premium raw and recycled materials in the construction of our asphalt mix designs. Our local asphalt manufacturing capability is high-tech. It is well-organized, sustainable and MDOT prequalified. We operate a federally specialized asphalt testing lab, on sight to make sure complete quality control. You can trust that A and M Groundworks will every time give you asphalt material that will meet your exclusive paving specifications.

A and M Groundworks became one of the primaries in the state to utilize asphalt recycling technology to create a winter hot mix asphalt that is now used by loads of local municipalities, value, and capability administration companies as a more tough solution to repairing potholes, water main breaks, and efficacy cut all through the winter months. A and M Groundworks also sets us apart from our competition by providing asphalt maintenance services all year in the State of Michigan.

Repair and paving replacement:

As well as new outdoor paving services, A and M Groundworks also offers paving repair and paving stand-in to fix cracked, chipped broken, or hollow paving. We always endeavour to discover pavers that contest your existing design to make sure your preferred paving style isn’t compromised.

We concentrate on all forms of paving and paved surface repairs, from innovative driveways and outdoor pursuit areas to repairing your obtainable cracked or damaged pavers. Our materials variety from standard existing to natural stone and all pavers in between. We have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of brick paving and outdoor tiling.

Transforming the Retail industry in parking lot structure:

Retail operations rely on smooth, steady, and well-organized parking lots so that customers not only have accessibility but also leave a grand impression for their return shopping journey. A and M Groundworks work unswervingly with retail businesses to efficiently perform concrete and asphalt maintenance, repairs, and construction according to their customer’s operational requirements.

From big box stores to great shopping malls, we’re setting the bar in pavement technologies that get noteworthy ROI for our retail customers. See what the retail industry is saying regarding A and M Groundworks as they transform asphalt and concrete construction for businesses such as Wal-Mart, Fobare Commercial, and Crestview Management.

State-of-the-art methods:

A and M Groundworks has developed dependable, high-tech methods for parking lots at a competitive price, ensuring enduring asphalt and concrete surfaces for a range of businesses and organizations. From simple crack and joint sealing to live, multi-level retail operations, we can implement our services without risk to business downtime. We’ve served commercial customers across an assortment of industries as well as multi-family construction projects, industrial properties, and additional public and classified institutions.


A and M Groundworks arrogantly services Dallas and Houston areas, both residential and commercial, with aesthetically pleasing, high-class parking lots, roads, and sidewalks. We influence ground-breaking tackle, veteran expertise, and regimented project management to tackle practically any Paving Companies near me project, all accomplished on-time and within budget.

From actual removal and replacement to new construction projects, we are one of the few companies athwart the Dallas and Houston areas that are correctly equipped for dependable, turnkey services in a concrete and paving construction. As a result, we’re able to help extremely competitive bids that make sure thorough, back-to-back project conclusions at a reasonable price.