Definition of Wave:

  1. Staying in one place, go back and forth in a whirl or wavy movement.

  2. Move your hand backwards for a wave or signal.

  3. The timing of particles of a substance. From time to time. Which can spread without the liquid movement of particles, such as the passage of waves, heat or sound.

  4. A lock of slightly curly hair.

  5. A signal or signal made by moving the hand back and forth.

  6. Slightly Curly Styling (Hair)

  7. Sudden onset or increase in a particular tendency, feeling or emotion.

  8. Long water that spins and reaches the shore.

  9. Vibration through the medium at a speed determined by the properties of the medium.

Synonyms of Wave

Surface wave, Bore, Sound the trumpet, Ambages, Nod, Beckon, Air, Dash, Disclose, Periodic wave, Flicker, Beat, Frequency band, Radio wave, Comber, Pendulate, Handshake, Gesture, Mechanical wave, Wigwag, Circumlocution, Resonate, Hand-clasp, Careen, Tortuousness, Comber, Riffle, Convolution, Blazon forth, Anfractuosity, Torsion, Advertise, Vaunt, Waver, Sinuousness, Accost, Gesticulate, Kick, Stream, Lop, Vibration, Flitter, Go pitapat, Ray, Circumbendibus, Tide wave, Wavelet, Bow, Heave, Flutter, Winding, Rise, Natural, Show, Waving, Gravity wave, Indicate, Frequency, Waft, Ebb and flow, Pulse, Home permanent, Chopping sea, Shaking, Make a sign, Headdress, Perform, Set forth, Half-mast, Bring out, Choppiness, Crimp, Twist, Swinging, Undulate, Ripple, Oscillation, Sport, Librate, Frizz, Gesture, Turning, Amplitude, Produce, Bring to notice, Resonance, Rise and fall, Billow, Meander, Ringlet, Bring forward, Flag down, Torrent, De Broglie wave, Hold up, Roll, Hairstyle, Smile, Parade, Signal, Node, Embody, Interference, Shock wave, Tidal wave, Tsunami, Slat, Reveal, Float, Flourish, Represent, Circuitousness, Heavy swell, Make clear, Shingle, Involution, Mean, Spate, Breaker, Give sign, Fly, Smile of recognition, Move, Speak, Crinkle, Rivulation, Be poised, Swing, Sign, How-do-you-do, Trim, Bring forth, Exhibit, Dangle, Demonstrate, Betoken, Coggle, Transverse wave, White horse, Flourishing, Barber, Swell, Sound an alarm, Make plain, Hail and speak, Curl, Tide, Hail, Wave equation, Surge, Whitecaps, Enact, Salutation, Break, Gesticulation, Manifest, Send, Reinforcement, Vacillate, Brandishing, Roller, Flash, Flap, Rock, Out of phase, Coil, White cap, Flit, Put forth, Wink, Process, Wavelength, Flood, Unfold, Shake, Develop, Express, Flick, Meandering, Ripple, Swing, Sway, Dirty water, Hand movement, Circumvolution, Vibrate, Surf, Snakiness, Twirl, Eagre, Hoist a banner, Crinkling, Rush, Reel, Stir, Ground swell, Show forth, Frequency spectrum, Tortuosity, Flaunt, Flaunting, Motion, Give token, Permanent, Bicker, Curtsy, Touch, Evince, Put forward, Unfurl a flag, Resonance frequency, Illuminate, Trumpet, Pitter-patter, Nod, Quiver, Waggle, Conk, Loop, Token, Incarnate, Sign, Display, Sputter, Bring into view, Spotlight, Antinode, In phase, Heavy sea, Highlight, Sway, Lift, Pompadour, Dramatize, Undulation, Swell, Emblazon, Circumambages, Glance, Popple, Permanent wave, Nudge, Shake, Haircut, Swag, Hello, Sinuation, Kiss, Embrace, Flop, Flexuousness, Coif, Beat the drum, Lurch, Crash, Flutter, Crest, Bobble, Electromagnetic radiation, Wag, Flow, Ripple, Address, Undulation, Trot out, Cold wave, Chop, Brandish, Roller, Flexuosity, Billow, Materialize, Greeting, Sinuosity, Throb, Bob, Light, Splutter, Sea, Wave motion, Tortility, Guided wave, Bid, Scend, Flap, Corkscrew, Period, Tidal bore, Hairdo, Exchange colors, Give a signal, Deluge, Wield, Comb, Wave a flag, Fluctuate, Smash, Nutate, Toss, Afro, Rough water, Oscillate, Ripple, Hug, Dance, Wave the hand, Palpitate, Peak, Breathe, Sound wave, Flip, Raise a cry, Divulge, Flag, Signalize, Longitudinal wave, Expose to view, Wave number, Undulate, Dip, Poke, Kink, Slinkiness, Salute, Pitch, Billow, White horses, Seismic wave, Intorsion, Water wave, Undulation, Evidence, Coiffure, Gutter, Present, Trumpet forth, Affect, Leer, Signal, Electromagnetic wave, Oscillate, Surge, Breakers, Indicate, Wobble, Roll out, Diffraction, Give the nod, Trough, Twisting

How to use Wave in a sentence?

  1. It was swept away by an extraordinary wave.
  2. Carefully comb your hair for the night
  3. Her hair dries in immaculate waves.
  4. The wave of strikes effectively paralyzed the government.
  5. Flags fluttering in the wind.
  6. He motioned for me to board the train.
  7. He made a small mark and left.
  8. Of course, making songs for birds has a metabolic cost, as energy is transferred to the atmosphere in the form of pressure waves.

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