Water vapor

Water vapor,

Definition of Water vapor:

  1. (Originally) water droplets suspended in air, especially in the form of mist or steam (now rare); (in later use) water in its (invisible) gaseous phase.

  2. Invisible water moisture in the form of gas.

Synonyms of Water vapor

Afterdamp, Agua, Aqua, Blackdamp, Breath, Chokedamp, Cloud, Damp, Drinking water, Eau, Effluvium, Exhalation, Fetid air, Firedamp, Flatus, Fluid, Fume, Ground water, Hard water, Head, Heavy water, Hydrol, Hydrometeor, Hydrosphere, Limewater, Malaria, Mephitis, Miasma, Mineral water, Puff of smoke, Rain, Rainwater, Reek, Salt water, Sea water, Smoke, Smudge, Soft water, Spring water, Steam, Vapor, Volatile, Water, Well water, Wetting agent, Wetting-out agent

Meaning of Water vapor & Water vapor Definition