Water table

Water table,

Definition of Water table:

  1. Upper surface of groundwater below which soil is saturated with water that fills all voids and interstices, and where the pressure of water in the soil equals the atmospheric pressure.

  2. The level below which the ground is saturated with water.

How to use Water table in a sentence?

  1. Due to the excessive drought and the citizens lack of knowledge about the water shortage, the water table dropped significantly.
  2. After reviewing the years water table figures, the meteorologist decided his calculations of the yearly precipitation averages were probably incorrect.
  3. If they were going to properly begin drilling, they had to be certain to drill completely through the water table and be certain the pipes were reinforced to protect from the surrounding pressure.
  4. I learned later that these boreholes, which were dug by cattle ranchers and reached down 100 meters and more, had lowered the water table.

Meaning of Water table & Water table Definition