How Luxury Watches Are Valued

Watch enthusiasts can understand the true importance of watches. Each luxury timepiece has special features that make it a popular choice among watch connoisseurs. If you are a watch lover, then you might be having a coveted collection of timepieces. For selling or insurance purpose, you must get watch valuation done by a certified value.

Why appraisal is essential

The appraisal helps you to know the true worth of your timepiece. Also, before any untoward incident like theft or fire happens, it is essential to be prepared with an insurance policy. Be it a Rolex valuation or any other branded timepiece, a certified document helps in fetching the claim in a hassle free manner. Also, you will be relaxed that you would get the actual value of your items from the insurance company.

If you have a valuation document then selling your timepiece becomes easier and it also lets you get the best value of your piece. If you want to sell your timepiece, you need to get Rolex, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Audemars Piguet or Omega watch valuation certificate, whichever is your brand.

Watch Valuation Online

There are many valuation services available online that you can avail from the comfort of your home. Prestige Valuations is a trustworthy watch valuation Birmingham company. Expert valuers appraise contemporary, vintage and antique watches and let you know the accurate value of your coveted piece. You can seek professional advice to know the worth or research yourself.

Factors That Affect The Value Of Your Watch

Various factors impact the worth of a timepiece. To know them, keep reading.

Original Document/Receipt

Proof of authenticity increases the value of your timepiece. If you have original document/receipt to prove your ownership then you can fetch a higher price for your item. These documents are also required when taking out insurance. Original packaging will add to the value.

Looking for watch valuation Manchester? You can get an online valuation or call the valuer at home to get the appraisal done.

Brand & Model

The brand of a timepiece is very crucial in determining what value will you get when selling it. Along with the brand, the model also impacts the value. If the model is in demand and there is scarcity, then it can be sold at a higher price. High end branded timepieces become more valuable with time. Yes, as they get old, their value increases.

Condition of the timepiece

What is the condition of your timepiece? If you have maintained it and kept it scratch free and as shiny as new then for sure you can get good returns. The value of a damaged or broken timepiece falls drastically. Any changes in the original model, say its chain has been replaced by another design, then it will impact its value.

Is the timepiece rare?

If you have a limited edition Rolex, then rest assured you can get a good return on it. The rarity of your timepiece directly impacts its value in the market. An old model, especially the limited edition will definitely be rare and if it’s in high demand then it will influence its worth.


All the above mentioned factors are essential to be checked in your watch so that you get to know the accurate value of your timepiece.