Watch Clannad

Watch Clannad

Which tribe should I see?

There are so many types it's hard to say. OVAs are just alternative stories that are not uncommon with software or movies. A movie is a complete story, so leave it to the end.

I would say look at it as a tribe, then Tomoi's chapter, then a tribe in terms of story, then a tribe or chapter and then a tribe film.


Tommy Clan Bob after death

the film

Tribe history according to history

Another tribe or global chapter

This is the starting point, but it doesn't matter unless you are a tribe and then after the 5th date.

At least you can finish the first season so far by watching Tommy Financial Disaster or our Financial Disaster. You can't watch a movie without ending both seasons of TV Guru (you don't have to watch it to watch it because it's a side story).

Watch Clannad