Definition of Wastewater:

  1. Spent or used water with dissolved or suspended solids, discharged from homes, commercial establishments, farms, and industries.

  2. Water that has been used in the home, in a business, or as part of an industrial process.

How to use Wastewater in a sentence?

  1. This water recycling facility treats wastewater so that it can be reused.
  2. The plant produced a great deal of wastewater in the river, but the level of contaminants was considered to be relatively safe.
  3. After the big storm in 2013, almost the entirety of the local sewage treatment plant was flooded with disgusting wastewater .
  4. When you decide to use the bathroom and flush the toilet, the water that was in the stool turns into wastewater .

Meaning of Wastewater & Wastewater Definition

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