How To Define Wash?

  • Wash means, Wash is a series of transactions that result in zero net income. For example, one investor may lose $ 100 on one investment and earn $ 100 on another. He is washing But the effects of the tax can be difficult for investors.

    • In investment, washing is a loss that is written off with the same benefit.
    • Money laundering for tax purposes is an investment loss that can be used as a deduction.
    • If investors repurchase the same shares, the ability to reduce losses is limited over time.

Meanings of Wash

  1. Clean with water and usually soap or detergent.

  2. (Flowing water) To move something (or something) in a certain direction.

  3. Brush with a thin layer of paint or thinner paint.

  4. It sounds convincing or real.

  5. Sample washing or washing process.

  6. Disturbing water or air behind a moving plane or aircraft or its noise.

  7. Medicinal or hygienic solutions.

  8. A thin layer of paint or metal is applied to the surface.

  9. Mud or gravel is washed away by rivers or streams and is collected as sediment.

  10. Kitchen waste and other leftovers are sent to the pigs.

  11. Fermented malt for distillation.

  12. A situation or outcome that does not agree with the other party.

Sentences of Wash

  1. I say goodbye and wash everything

  2. Flood-washed bridge

  3. The walls were washed away by the shadows

  4. Your hair needs to be washed

  5. Wash the motor boat

  6. Oral antiseptic

  7. The walls are painted yellow

Synonyms of Wash

wipe, dye, scrub, cleaning , clean, mash, backwash, prove true, distemper, apply paint to, application, overlay, shower , washing , coat, shade, cleansing, be credible, dirty clothes , laundering , emulsion, sponge, cleanse, preparation, pass muster, be accepted, shampoo , be acceptable, be plausible

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What is The Definition of Wash?

Wash is a chain of transactions that pays net. For example, an investor may lose $ 100 on one investment and $ 100 on another. It is washing But the effects of the tax can be difficult for investors.

  • In investment, washing is the only loss that is compensated by the same N.
  • From a tax standpoint, a laundering tax deduction is a loss of investment.
  • There is a time limit for investors to reduce losses if the same shares are bought.

Meanings of Wash

  1. Clean with water and usually with soap or detergent.

  2. (Flowing water) To move someone or something in a certain direction.

  3. Brush with a thin coat of paint or thin paint.

  4. Look convincing or real.

  5. The process of washing or the example of washing.

  6. Water or air is disturbed by a moving plane or aircraft.

  7. A bay in the North Bay between Norfolk and Lincolnshire on the east coast of England.

  8. Medicine or cleaning solution.

Sentences of Wash

  1. Aunt Lu washed all her clothes.

  2. The walls are covered with shadows

  3. Attention will not be lost with this staff.

  4. Washing motor boat

  5. Sour scented shower gel.

  6. The walls are covered with light lemon color.

  7. The impact of the project on the work will be a failure because of the cost involved.

Synonyms of Wash

cover, lave, wear away, liquid, carry, film, salve, be convincing, corrode, denude, train, layer, tint, dip, abrade, wake, move, disturbance, disinfect, rinse, deliver, sweep, deposit


What is The Meaning of Wash?

  1. Wash means: James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of books on trade and technical business by John Willie & Sons and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

    • In investment, the loss of washing is met by the same N.
    • From a tax standpoint, laundering is a tax-deductible investment loss.
    • If the same shares are bought, there is a time limit for investors to reduce losses.

Meanings of Wash

  1. Rinse with water and usually soap or detergent.

  2. They look convincing or real.

  3. A bay in the North Sea on the east coast of England between Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

  4. Medication or cleaning solution.

  5. A thin layer of paint or metal on the surface.

  6. Mud or gravel is carried by rivers or streams and collected as sediment.

  7. Kitchen waste and leftovers are delivered to the pigs.

  8. An unfavorable situation or outcome for one of the opposing parties.

  9. Washington

Sentences of Wash

  1. Aunt Lou washed all her clothes.

  2. The walls are full of shadows.

  3. The focus will not end with this staff.

  4. Motor boat wash

  5. Citrus scented shower gel

  6. The walls are covered in light lemon color.

  7. The effect of the plan on the work will fail because it will cost the same.

Synonyms of Wash

varnish, mop, lather, bear scrutiny, convey, hold water, colour, path, be believable/credible, liniment, embrocation, bath, ■■■■■■, swill (down), make sense, eat away, lotion, churning, flush, ablutions, drive, stain, hold up