Definition of Warning:

  1. Admonition, notice, or pointing out an existing or potential danger, specially to one who would otherwise would not be aware of it. Labeling laws provide guidelines for wording and/or placement of warnings.

  2. A statement or event that indicates a possible or impending danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation.

Synonyms of Warning

Example, Deterrent, Lesson, Caution, Exemplar, Message, Moral, Admonishing, Admonition, Admonitory, Advice, Advising, Advisory, Advocacy, Alerting, Augural, Blackmail, Briefing, Bulldozing, Call, Call for, Caution, Cautionary, Cautioning, Caveat, Claim, Clue, Commination, Consultation, Consultative, Consultatory, Contribution, Council, Counsel, Cue, Demand, Demand for, Denunciation, Determent, Deterrence, Deterrent, Didactic, Direction, Directive, Draft, Drain, Duty, Empty threat, Exaction, Exemplary, Exhortation, Exhortative, Exhortatory, Expostulation, Expostulative, Expostulatory, Extortion, Extortionate demand, Foreboding, Forerunning, Foreshadowing, Foreshowing, Foretokening, Forewarning, Frightening off, Guidance, Heavy demand, Heavy with meaning, Hint, Hortation, Hortative, Hortatory, Idea, Idle threat, Imminence, Implied threat, Imposition, Impost, Indent, Indicative, Insistent demand, Instruction, Instructive, Intimidation, Intuitive, Levy, Meaningful, Menace, Monition, Monitorial, Monitory, Moralistic, Nonnegotiable demand, Notice, Notificational, Notifying, Office, Opinion, Order, Parley, Passing word, Pointer, Preachy, Precursive, Precursory, Predictive, Prefigurative, Preindicative, Premonitory, Presageful, Presaging, Prognostic, Prognosticative, Promise of harm, Proposal, Recommendation, Recommendatory, Remonstrance, Remonstrant, Remonstrative, Remonstratory, Requirement, Requisition, Rush, Rush order, Sententious, Significant, Steer, Suggestion, Sword of Damocles, Talking out of, Tax, Taxing, Thought, Threat, Threateningness, Threatfulness, Tip, Tip-off, Tribute, Ultimatum, Whisper

How to use Warning in a sentence?

  1. There was a warning sign above the gas line so the construction workers clearly ignored that warning and riskily proceeded.
  2. I did not listen to the warning and decided to just go inside the deserted cemetery and see what was there.
  3. You should issue a stern warning anytime that you subordinates are doing something that you are not fond of them doing.
  4. A red warning light.

Meaning of Warning & Warning Definition