Warning Bulletin

Warning Bulletin,

Warning Bulletin Definition:

  1. You can define Warning Bulletin as, Bulletin board is a list of canceled, expired, or stolen credit cards. Weekly compiled and printed lists by MasterCard and Visa, the two largest credit card providers, are now online and will be updated in real time. Sellers need to start certain protocols before obtaining registered cards to obtain permission and retrieve flagged cards from merchants for misuse.

Literal Meanings of Warning Bulletin


Meanings of Warning:
  1. Statements or incidents that indicate a potential danger, concern or other uncomfortable situation.

Sentences of Warning
  1. Red light

Synonyms of Warning

exemplar, deterrent, message, moral, caution, example, lesson


Meanings of Bulletin:
  1. A brief official statement or message delivery summary.

Sentences of Bulletin
  1. 90 years ago, there were no television pictures, radio programs or Internet bulletins that instantly broadcast news around the world.

Synonyms of Bulletin

newsflash, headlines, piece, newscast, flash, news report, communication, announcement, story, press release, report, notification, dispatch, account, news, statement, communiqué, message