War Exclusion

War Exclusion,

What is The Meaning of War Exclusion?

Terms that cover most insurance policies and do not include war or war damage. Damages may be declared from a declared or undeclared war, but they must be accounted for by the actions of an independent power. Prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the waiver in most liability insurance applied only to contracted obligations, provided that individuals and private organizations could not accept any liability in the event of war. In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the terrorist attacks, war and terrorism exemptions, which exceeded the obligations of the treaty and increased the exclusion of war, were soon included in the Guidelines of Responsibilities. Done. Exemption from these wars is the current practice, regardless of whether terrorism is insured or excluded from the police.

Literal Meanings of War Exclusion


Meanings of War:
  1. A state of armed conflict between different states or states or between different groups within a nation or state.

  2. Be part of the battle.

Sentences of War
  1. Japan declares war on Germany

  2. Smaller nations take part in wars

Synonyms of War

do battle, military action, tussle, warfare, bloodshed, battle, combat, fight, wage war, struggle, take up arms, action, contest, be in conflict, be at war, take the field, conduct a war, fighting, make war, armed conflict, conflict, join battle


Meanings of Exclusion:
  1. Action or Exemption or Exemption Status.

Sentences of Exclusion
  1. Drug addicts are exempt from military service

Synonyms of Exclusion

debarment, keeping out, banning, debarring, barring, prohibition, disbarring, ban, embargo