War Economy

War Economy,

What is The Meaning of War Economy?

  • You can define War Economy as, A war economy is an organization of a country's production and sales potential at a time of conflict. The war economy must significantly adjust its consumption output to meet the needs of arms production. In a war economy, governments must carefully consider how to use their country's resources to achieve military victories and meet the vital needs of domestic consumers.

    • A war economy is created when a country goes to war and affects its ability to manufacture and distribute goods.
    • Governments in a war economy must decide to allocate resources to meet their defense needs.
    • The war economy is often used by taxpayers for defense expenses

Literal Meanings of War Economy


Meanings of War:
  1. The state of armed conflict between different nations or countries or between different groups within a nation or state.

  2. Be part of the battle.

Sentences of War
  1. Japan declares war on Germany

  2. Small countries go to war

Synonyms of War

struggle, be at war, bloodshed, combat, take the field, make war, conduct a war, warfare, action, tussle, contest, take up arms, wage war, be in conflict, fighting, conflict, join battle, military action, fight, armed conflict


Meanings of Economy:
  1. Wealth and resources of a country or region, especially those related to the production and consumption of goods and services.

  2. (Of a product) that offers a good value for money.

Sentences of Economy
  1. The global economic slowdown has weakened demand for Japan's high-tech exports, forcing manufacturers to cut back on their output.

Synonyms of Economy

economizing, saving, careful budgeting, providence, prudence, fuel-saving, wealth, good husbandry, scrimping and saving, restraint, thrift, frugality, abstemiousness, good management, care, canniness, resources, carefulness, scrimping, financial resources