War Bond

War Bond,

What Does War Bond Mean?

  • You can define War Bond as, War loans are loans that are issued by the government to finance military operations during a war or conflict. Because war bonds offer lower returns than market rates, investments are made through an emotional appeal to patriotic citizens to take money from the government.

    • War bonds are government measures to finance spending through military operations and the issuance of financial loans.
    • The public can buy these bonds for patriotic or other emotional reasons.
    • Although war bonds usually pay no interest, they are usually sold at a discount after a period of 10 to 30 years and mature at face value.

Literal Meanings of War Bond


Meanings of War:
  1. A state of armed conflict between different nations or countries or between different groups within a nation or state.

  2. Be part of the battle.

Sentences of War
  1. Japan declares war on Germany

  2. Small countries go to war

Synonyms of War

be in conflict, make war, combat, contest, bloodshed, struggle, conflict, take up arms, armed conflict, wage war, do battle, battle, fighting, action, military action, take the field, tussle, fight, be at war, join battle, warfare


Meanings of Bond:
  1. Stick to something else, especially glue, heat or pressure

  2. Join or join through chemical bonds.

  3. Lay bricks in an overlapping pattern to create a solid structure.

  4. (Taxable goods) Customs.

  5. Relationships between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests or experiences.

  6. The contact between two surfaces or objects, including by adhesive, heat or pressure.

  7. According to the power of law.

  8. The pattern in which the bricks are placed to ensure the strength of the resulting structure.

  9. Summary for Bond Paper

Sentences of Bond
  1. Press the components to join the layers

  2. Neutral molecules attached to the central atom

  3. The overhanging castle is shaped like a drum, made of stone with horizontally inlaid red brick layers.

  4. Assets may need to be sold or consolidated to provide liquidity to pay this tax.

  5. There is a relationship of understanding between them

  6. There is no effective link between concrete and steel.

  7. Marriage may be obsolete as a legal bond, but I doubt it.

Synonyms of Bond

association, solemn word, affix, join, stick, glue, guarantee, avowal, pledge, word, gum, attach, partnership, fellowship, fuse, assurance, secure, affiliation, weld, fasten, cement