Want to know what causes your iPhone battery issues? Read these top reasons

The phone is the most used device in one’s routine, from important reminders to daily email, tasks, and leisure, everyone and everything is dependent on a phone. In fact, the number of ways one uses their phone is on the rise. Besides the basic calling feature, one also uses it for payment apps, news updates, sports action, entertainment shows, music and so much more. Since the use of the phone is all day long, they are highly vulnerable to falling, cracking of screen, battery issues, and many other similar issues.

A large number of iPhone users face problems with their batteries. This can occur for various reasons including the charging port clogging with dirt, broken cable, old battery when the phone is being damaged due to water or other reasons. This article lists several issues that can lead to problems with the phone battery and iPhone battery replacement in NZ.

Common Issues Battery Issues

  • In the case where you have recently switched to a new phone cover, and are facing issues with charging the device, it might be a good idea to check if the new case is interfering with the charging of the phone.

  • Lint and dust are often the culprits for an iPhone failing to charge. It is best to verify the charging port of your device is not obstructed in any and creating a charging issue.

  • Many of us tend to use fancy iPhone chargers available from various stores online as well as in a brick-mortar store. A break in the cable joint or a faulty cable is a common issue for the iPhone to refuse to charge.

  • Switching the device off and turning it on again can solve the issue, however, other times it may be something else like attempting to use a wireless charger when the phone does not support it.

  • In the case where the iPhone has been damaged due to a fall or been exposed to water, the charging issue can be a genuine one that would need fixing. This might mean having to replace a few essential components in the device.

  • For a minor water exposure, simply allow the device to dry full prior to attempting to either switch it on or charging it.

  • Some of the other common issues that can affect the iPhone battery health, include overheating as well as outdated software. Simply updating the software or letting it cool down before restarting it can solve the problem.

Common Phone Repairs Issues

A lot of us depend on our phones for various activities, in fact, many of us cannot do without one. We take our phone with us wherever we go like in the office, an important meeting, while on a vacation. In fact, many people tend to use it even while walking or driving on the road which is never a good idea. This increases the risk of phone damage like dropping it in a pool, splashed when raining, etc.

Since we are highly dependent on our devices for a wide range of activities, including financial activities, research, important Apps for travel, games, business, most of us cannot afford to go a single hour without the device. Hence, in the case where there is an issue with the phone, it is quite common for users to hesitate to turn it over to the professionals for a professional fix. Some are also concerned about the iPhone battery replacement cost.

However, it is good practice to seek help from professionals in the case where the iPhone fails to charge or has some other issue.