Walmart Special Kitty Litter Recall

Walmart Special Kitty Litter Recall

Remember Walmart's special cat litter? 3

Has anyone received a good response from Walmart regarding the return of the cat litter?

Across the country, Walmart stores choose to sell certain types of cat litter (e.g. mummy, special kitty) and do not publish any information other than the sale is not available. The manager is unaware of the situation and only tells the customer: there should be a reminder. I just talked to Rick Bunderinga of Oil Dry (special kit maker) and said no one will remember. He told me that the formula for uct is unchanged, that it is still the same, that uct is healthy and good. This is a voluntary decision of WalMart. Wal-Mart has problems packing some stretchers. Bandaranga said his company was awaiting instructions on new packaging. Walmart, meanwhile, has bridges and LD orders for some letterboxes, but does not offer shelf labels or website information.

I think this behavior is unforgivable and makes consumers think that there is a problem with cat litter and that they are harming their pets. I emailed WalMart, but it didn't work! Does anyone know when this repackaging will take place? ?


Mr. Bandaranga told me the calling number (Wal-Mart) is 18009256278, then choose option 2, then 1, then 1. Great L!

The thrower in question is of the crystal type. The Kitty Premium feature is the one I bought, dust-free and extremely easy to tie. I think this is the best sand I've ever bought. And there were four boxes on the shelf they didn't want to sell, I had to leave it in the box!

The email response I received today from Walmart Customer Service is:

Dear Margaret,

Thanks for contacting Mimi Kate Letter. We have forwarded your request to our purchasing office and have received the following information which we would like to share with you.

The government has guidelines for antibacterial claims that cannot be properly followed, so we ask suppliers to review the packaging. There is no threat to human or animal health.

Dear, thank you very much for your communication and your business. If we are of different types, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by calling 1800WALMART.



Wal-Mart Marketing Team

Special litter for cats

Walmart Special Kitty Litter Recall