Walmart Order Stuck On Preparing Order

Walmart Order Stuck On Preparing Order

Walmart package says it will be delivered tomorrow, but not delivered yet? 3

I ordered a coat at Walmart on Monday and paid for shipping in 2 days. I have received the delivery date of 3/11, but the item has not been shipped yet. The progress bar always indicates order preparation. I emailed the customer service and they said they would be there tomorrow. But I didn't say why I didn't get the tracking number or anything. It could have been shipped and on the way, but you forgot to update your system? Or still not sent?

The T-system is dirty all the time. If I'm sure it'll be there tomorrow, I'll wait and see if it really moves. If not, contact customer service and make sure you have cleared your goods within a specified period.

There is no way to know. Here are some issues

1. Delivery in two days including delivery time after shipping. This does not guarantee that the goods will be picked up and packed immediately.

2. Currently the weather is hot and there may be delays.

3. Sometimes online tracking goes wrong, but you may receive a notification when an order is sent. Otherwise, you may not receive it tomorrow.

At this time of year. The dock is full of packages. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Walmart Order Stuck On Preparing Order