Walmart Furniture Delivery To Apartment

Walmart Furniture Delivery To Apartment

Order large items

Soon I will move to an older community and be alone. I sang from the beginning and bought my new house. I saw Queen Bed, which I really like, but the problem is ... do they send big things to the apartment complex? When is there no one to sign? I have been working five days a week since '96 and if that happened I would probably not work. I don't have time to leave work and wait for it to arrive ... they don't ship on weekends or in the sun ... do they have to work? I have

Small car and I need this bed in 3 big boxes ... so I can't get it from the store.

Does the person living in the apartment ask you to send a large document? What does it take !!! What do you recommend? Thank you very much.

You can call customer service, its number is 8009666546 and if it's a big purchase, I don't think it's Fedex or UPS shipping ... I think it's like a carrier, and shipping Has nothing to do with Walmart, but has a career side and I would suggest that people check with the office management about shipping policies. Help. !

You can order them locally at nearby Walmart and pick them up when you feel comfortable. The hard part is getting him from Walmart to his apartment. I can tell you or a friend has a problem!

You can ask our team to help load it into your car, but it is available for download.

I never ordered, but I work for Walmart. Walmart does not ship via UPS or any third party shipping system. Therefore, you should ask the manager of the apartment complex if he will handle the delivery of UPS. They take it for you and then you have to take it? Or does the UPS come to your door?

Walmart Furniture Delivery To Apartment