Wallahi Meaning

Wallahi Meaning

What does Eric Y mean in Spanish?

Why are votes and affirmations used primarily in Etienne and you see the word with Etienne accent, because it is slag?

I seriously swear h ()

People often use it to highlight their prayers.


I work a lot = because I work a lot.

Others use it as an oath.

mind your own business

Because, I did it = I swear I did it.

What does the word mean?

Wallahi Meaning

Wallahi Meaning

You have some disadvantages: Cow = Pig, Baqarah = Leaving Pigs = Pure and Cat = Ota (Female) Out (Boy) Love = Hate = Kora Abu = Mother or Omi S = Takin Ya Ki (Any important thing is just as good Is)

You're asking too many words at a time.

Let's get together, I will teach you everything you need to know about Arch, Persian, Greek, Turkish, Armenian.

Yo Yo Yo Gibron IIII!

For example, it means I swear I swear we're going to win this game.

Oh I don't know but this abuse really brother? get up)

Wallahi Meaning