Definition of Walkthrough:

  1. (Of a building or other structure) that allows access from both sides.

  2. Unsolicited duties or obligations

  3. Guide or demonstrate an area or work.

  4. Step-by-step testing of all aspects of the environment, project or process to make sure you're ready for your goal.

How to use Walkthrough in a sentence?

  1. During the visit to the zoo, the guide inspected the sanctity of the butterflies and showed us the different paths inside the wall.
  2. The kangaroo display is almost ready, but the guards need to revisit in search of the wreckage.
  3. I then checked the game tutorials on what to do next and was very happy to know what to do.
  4. Step by step gallery.
  5. Take a look at the library, one destination at a time

Meaning of Walkthrough & Walkthrough Definition