Definition of Waiver:

  1. Insurance: Agreement or supplementary clause attached to a policy which (1) excludes certain type of losses, (2) limits the amount of claim to a specified sum, or (3) extends the coverage to include items not included in a standard policy. See also rider.

  2. An act or instance of waiving a right or claim.

  3. General: (1) Expressed or implied voluntary and intentional relinquishment or abandonment of a legal advantage, claim, requirement, or right. (2) Document (instrument) by which a such abandonment or relinquishment is effected.

Synonyms of Waiver

OK, Abandonment, Abdication, Abeyance, Abjuration, Abjurement, Abolishment, Abolition, Abrogation, Admission, Allowance, Annulment, Cancel, Canceling, Cancellation, Cassation, Cessation, Cession, Charter, Circumscription, Cold storage, Concession, Consent, Countermand, Counterorder, Deed of release, Defeasance, Desistance, Discontinuance, Dispensation, Dropping out, Exception, Exemption, Extenuating circumstances, Forbearance, Forswearing, Grain of salt, Grant, Handing over, Hedge, Hedging, Invalidation, Leave, Liberty, License, Limitation, Mental reservation, Modification, Nonexercise, Nullification, Okay, Patent, Permission, Permission to enter, Qualification, Quitclaim, Recall, Recantation, Release, Relinquishment, Renege, Renouncement, Renunciation, Repeal, Rescinding, Rescindment, Rescission, Reservation, Resignation, Restriction, Retraction, Reversal, Revocation, Revoke, Revokement, Salvo, Setting aside, Special case, Special permission, Special treatment, Specialness, Specification, Surrender, Suspension, Ticket, Ticket of admission, Vacation, Vacatur, Voidance, Voiding, Vouchsafement, Waiving, Withdrawal, Withdrawing, Write-off, Yielding, Renunciation, Surrender, Repudiation, Rejection, Relinquishment, Abdication, Disavowal, Refusal, Disaffirmation, Dispensation, Abandonment, Deferral

How to use Waiver in a sentence?

  1. Before I allow athletes to participate in my programs, I make sure that each of them signs a waiver so they cant sue me in case they manage to get hurt.
  2. If someone is injured at your business you should try to get them to sign a waiver that clears you of all liability.
  3. If you wish to leave the hospital against medical advice, were going to need you to sign this waiver before you can leave.
  4. Their acquiescence could amount to a waiver.

Meaning of Waiver & Waiver Definition