Waistband Tuck

Waistband Tuck

Are all the boys in the belt? 3

What happened and what did you do?

very strange

What are you doing?


Good if they have an ■■■, but still

James and Sharon thank uuuuu


Oh Bobby who knows. Your sad face

Waistband Tuck

Waistband Tuck

Hahaha this is great if you are doing something good in public you can't hide it so yes i put it on my belt so people don't know it's weird and yes sometimes even when it It's not hard for me so I keep walking because hehehe. ...


I don't like baggy pants because I'm a little tight so I have to wear regular jeans or skinny jeans to look good on the other side and it's still very painful. (When I do this and take off my pants it usually sticks out and I think some people will walk like that all day, but it feels embarrassing and the hairs rub against each other (no use) And when I sit, it falls. Everything falls from my leg. And when I don't sit with my legs apart, it hurts. The pressure of my pants and my will is often so unwelcome. Makes ions that are difficult to get rid of.

Well, it won't crash, so all of the above issues are just above.

I think pressure on the urethra can be a problem, but I usually do it to avoid these problems. It helps with ions because, despite going through the debris, I can only wear my shirt without paint, sometimes I have to take it off, but it's easier than crawling. Between the legs, go to the trash can and try to be smooth.

In fact, I was just looking around to see if there was a problem with the pitch. I don't know if it's true or not, but I think I'll try to get out of it and get used to it.

I found this a little strange. I think it can help reduce the appearance of unwanted ions. Personally, I don't wear it on my belt. I thought it would be a shame. I just prefer to let it go and hang in the air. :)

LOL, I don't. I tried it when I was a kid, but it always came later. There is no point in wasting a second in doing so.

Waistband Tuck

Waistband Tuck

Not all people do that. Some are in your pocket!

I do this when I'm hard, then it goes back to the way it was when it was soft.

Oh ... not all boys. Some of us are not old enough for that.

no! Only on weekends

Waistband Tuck