Definition of Wager:

  1. Risk (a sum of money or valued item) against someone elses on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event; bet.

  2. An act of betting a sum of money on the outcome of an unpredictable event.

  3. To risk something (usually money) via a speculative transaction where the outcome is uncertain.

  4. To place a bet on something, as in gambling.

  5. Used to express certainty.

Synonyms of Wager

Adventure, Ante, Ante up, Back, Bet, Bet on, Blind bargain, Book, Borderline case, Call, Chance, Chance it, Chunk, Contingency, Cover, Double contingency, Fade, Gamble, Gamble on, Game, Guess, Handbook, Hazard, Lay, Lay a wager, Lay down, Make a bet, Meet a bet, Open question, Parlay, Pass, Piece of guesswork, Play, Play against, Plunge, Pot, Punt, Put on, Question, Rely on fortune, Risk, Run a chance, Run the risk, See, Set, Set at hazard, Shot, Sight-unseen transaction, Stake, Stand pat, Take a chance, Take a flier, Take chances, Tempt fortune, Toss-up, Touch and go, Trust to chance, Try the chance, Undecided issue, Venture, Be certain, Be sure, Be convinced, Be confident, Bet, Gamble, Lay a wager, Lay a bet, Make a bet, Place a bet, Lay odds, Put money on, Bet, Gamble, Speculation, Venture, Game of chance

How to use Wager in a sentence?

  1. A total of $770,700 was wagered by fans at other sites on the track.
  2. They have made a wager on who will win tonight.

Meaning of Wager & Wager Definition