Definition of Wage:

  1. Carry on (a war or campaign).

  2. Monetary remuneration computed on hourly, daily, weekly, or piece work basis. A fixed weekly or monthly wage is usually called a salary. See also wages.

  3. A fixed regular payment, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker.

Synonyms of Wage

Base pay, Carry on, Compensation, Conduct, Dismissal wage, Do, Earnings, Employ, Engage in, Escalator clause, Escalator plan, Exercise, Financial remuneration, Follow, Go in for, Gross income, Guaranteed annual wage, Hire, Income, Living wage, Minimum wage, Net income, Pay, Pay and allowances, Payment, Payroll, Portal-to-portal pay, Practice, Prosecute, Purchasing power, Pursue, Real wages, Remuneration, Salary, Severance pay, Sliding scale, Specialize in, Tackle, Take on, Take to, Take up, Take-home, Take-home pay, Taxable income, Total compensation, Undertake, Use, Wage control, Wage freeze, Wage reduction, Wage rollback, Wage scale, Wages, Wages after deductions, Wages after taxes, Work at, Pay, Payment, Remuneration, Salary, Emolument, Stipend, Fee, Allowance, Honorarium, Engage in, Carry on, Conduct, Execute, Pursue, Undertake, Prosecute, Practise, Proceed with, Devote oneself to, Go on with

How to use Wage in a sentence?

  1. We were struggling to get better wages.
  2. If you offer a competitive wage then you should be able to get the top tier applicants which will help your business run better.
  3. The employees were refusing to work to show their employer that they deserved higher wage s for the services they were performing.
  4. The employees hourly wage used to be 8 dollars an hour. However, he managed to get it raised to 9 dollars an hour.
  5. It is necessary to destroy their capacity to wage war.

Meaning of Wage & Wage Definition