Wage Tax

Wage Tax,

Wage Tax Definition:

Wage Tax definition is: Taxes are usually levied on the final income tax (if any) and withholding tax.

Literal Meanings of Wage Tax


Meanings of Wage:
  1. Regular regular pay that an employer usually pays to an employee on a daily or weekly basis, especially to manual or unskilled workers.

  2. Next (war or campaign)

Sentences of Wage
  1. We are fighting for better wages

  2. We must eliminate your fighting ability

Synonyms of Wage

pay, payment, remuneration, salary, emolument, stipend, fee, allowance, honorarium, engage in, carry on, conduct, execute, pursue, undertake, prosecute, practise, proceed with, devote oneself to, go on with


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Mandatory contribution to government revenue that the government collects for workers' income and company profits, or increases the value of certain goods, services and transactions.

  2. Strict restrictions or demands.

  3. Tax collection on (someone else or something)

  4. Create requirements (someone's strength or resources)

  5. Facing someone's guilt or offense.

  6. Investigation and evaluation (case cost)

Sentences of Tax
  1. Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending

  2. Heavy tax on reader's attention

  3. Hardware and software are subject to 7.5% tax

  4. He knew that the next test would force all his strength

  5. Why are you accusing me of this meaningless accusation?

  6. Agents who charge tax rates

Synonyms of Tax

levy, tariff, duty, toll, excise, impost, contribution, assessment, tribute, tithe, charge, fee, burden, load, weight, encumbrance, demand, strain, pressure, stress, drain, imposition, levy a tax on, impose a toll on, charge duty on, exact a tax on, demand a tax on, stretch