Wage Slave

Wage Slave,

How Do You Define Wage Slave?

  1. Definition of Wage Slave: Someone who is very dependent on their salary.

Literal Meanings of Wage Slave


Meanings of Wage:
  1. Next (war or campaign)

  2. A fixed salary payment, usually paid daily or weekly by the employer to the employer, especially unskilled or manual workers.

Sentences of Wage
  1. We have to destroy your fighting ability

  2. We fight for better wages

Synonyms of Wage

carry on, execute, salary, pursue, honorarium, engage in, allowance, undertake, go on with, fee, prosecute, practise, emolument, pay, payment, proceed with, devote oneself to, stipend, remuneration, conduct


Meanings of Slave:
  1. You are working too hard.

  2. The subject (device) should be controlled by another.

  3. Make (someone) a slave.

  4. A person who is the legal property of another and who is forced to work for that person and obey the slave.

  5. A device or part of it that is directly controlled by someone else.

Sentences of Slave
  1. After 14 years of slavery, he managed only two thousand

  2. If necessary, the two channels can be merged

  3. They kidnapped the whole village and enslaved it

  4. Slave cassette deck

Synonyms of Slave

keep one's nose to the grindstone, bondswoman, grind, labour, toil, sweat, grub, bondservant, bondslave, exert oneself, serf, plod, work like a Trojan, plough, work day and night, thrall, work one's fingers to the bone, bondsman, work like a dog, vassal