Wage Drift

Wage Drift,

What is The Meaning of Wage Drift?

Wage Drift means, Circumstances where the base salary is not as high as the actual salary. This is usually due to overtime, bonuses, dividends, etc.

Literal Meanings of Wage Drift


Meanings of Wage:
  1. Next (war or campaign)

  2. A fixed salary payment, usually paid daily or weekly by the employer to the employer, especially unskilled or manual workers.

Sentences of Wage
  1. We have to destroy your fighting ability

  2. We fight for better wages

Synonyms of Wage

payment, fee, salary, proceed with, devote oneself to, execute, allowance, carry on, go on with, practise, honorarium, prosecute, pay, pursue, engage in, undertake, stipend, remuneration, emolument, conduct


Meanings of Drift:
  1. Charge slowly through air or water flow.

  2. (Especially snow or leaves) in the air.

  3. A slow, steady movement from one place to another.

  4. The general intent or meaning of someone's argument or comment.

  5. Large amounts of snow, leaves or other material have accumulated or are carried away

  6. Horizontal or inclined path after mineral veins or layers of coal.

Sentences of Drift
  1. Cruise ships began to sink under the river

  2. The fallen leaves begin to float in the gutter

  3. There is a flow in the city

  4. If you try to reach me, I am near the forest to see the trees

  5. Four sheep were pulled out of the stream

  6. This tunnel leads to a small ore chamber

Synonyms of Drift

shift, transfer, movement, be carried away, mass, be carried along, mound, essence, heap, dune, core, thesis, transferral, accumulation, gather, meaning, amass, be borne, relocation, gist, ridge, be wafted, accumulate, gravitation, bank, signification, substance, form drifts, heap up