Wage Base

Wage Base,

Wage Base: What is the Meaning of Wage Base?

  • You can define Wage Base as, The level of income at which all social security taxes have to be paid. As of 2020, a total of 15.30% tax (combined tax rate paid by employers and employees) applies to the first 7,137,700 of self-employed income and includes a 2.9% Medicare share of all income. ۔ (Employees pay a portion of the tax - 65 7.65 up to the base pay cap and then 1. 1.45 - and their employers pay the other half. Self-employed taxpayers will have to pay both.)

Literal Meanings of Wage Base


Meanings of Wage:
  1. Next (war or campaign)

  2. A fixed salary payment, usually paid daily or weekly by the employer to the employer, especially unskilled or manual workers.

Sentences of Wage
  1. We have to destroy your war ability

  2. We fight for better wages

Synonyms of Wage

undertake, proceed with, practise, conduct, execute, remuneration, honorarium, fee, engage in, carry on, stipend, payment, prosecute, pursue, allowance, go on with, devote oneself to, emolument, pay, salary


Meanings of Base:
  1. Building on (something) is used as a starting point from which (something) can be created.

  2. Stay in the middle of the process.

  3. The lower part or edge of an object, especially the part where it rests or walks.

  4. The ideological framework or entity on which something is affected or dependent.

  5. A place used by the armed forces or others as a center of operations.

  6. An important or important element or component in which other things were added.

  7. A substance capable of reacting with lansic acid to form salts and water or to absorb or neutralize (more widely) hydrogen ions.

  8. The center of the bipolar transistor that separates the emission from the collector.

Sentences of Base
  1. The film is based on a novel by Pat Conroy

  2. A group based in London

  3. He is sitting at the foot of a tree

  4. The city's economic base collapsed

  5. Cable back to base

  6. Soap based on vegetable oil

  7. Nitric acid acts as a base for producing nitrate salt and water.

  8. The transistor consists of three parts: the base, the collector and the emitter.

Synonyms of Base

situate, mean, root, position, immoral, station, settlement, site, wrong, bed, place, wicked, low, carrier, evil, starting point, prop, camp, foundation, plinth, vehicle, form, substructure, ground, garrison, sinful