Waffle House Omelet

Waffle House Omelet

What's the recipe for tortillas with waffles? 3

How can it be so extravagant and extravagant?

Cheese Omelette Recipe Thanks to The Use of Waffle

Make 1 serving

3 large eggs

2 pieces of American cheese

2 tablets of vegetable oil

Equipment: 9 inch non-stick seat and manual blender

Put the oil in the mixture on high heat and heat it till it becomes small waves.

Appears on the surface of the oil.

Break the eggs into a tall glass or plain glass and beat for 1 minute.

(A sp malt mixer was used for waffles at 15,000 rpm.)

Move everything in a circular motion and put eggs in it. The sequel is as follows

Move everything in a circular motion and boil the outside of the egg.

And spread. When the outer edges are cooked, turn the tartella over.

Cook on the other side for about 30 seconds. Keep the pan moving

Circular motion, but not as many times as rotated. (Lots of exercise

At this point, the tortoise falls). Turn the tartella again to remove it.

Cook for no more than 30 seconds.

Place 2 slices of American cheese in the center of the Tartella tablet


Fold the tartella in half, make sure the cheese pieces are covered, and mix.

On your plate.

According to Waffle's recipe

Turtles can be made with one or more different ingredients. These can be onions, tomatoes, green peppers, chopped ham, ground beef or chicken.

Waffles use the secret of making crunchy eggs by placing them in an electric egg and putting the beaten eggs in a pan. After frying the beaten eggs, add the ingredients and fry the other half. You can add the same amount of grated cheese to make it the desired cheese.

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What's the recipe for tortillas with waffles?

How to make it so hard and fancy?

I'm not sure, but you soften the tortilla by adding water or skim milk to the egg and then beating it like crazy. Did you put cheese in the eggs, boiled or on top?

Waffle House Omelet

Waffle House Omelet

I work with piles and this is what we use dough and put it in waffle iron with timer, that's all and for turtles someone said we have mixer and we beat it then We added cheese

I don't know, but yes, I want to know ... :(

Waffle House Omelet