W2 From Meijer

W2 From Meijer

How can I connect my meijer W2 if I am no longer employed? 3

I am no longer a major employee and have changed my address since I started working for them. Can I access my W2 online or do I have to wait for La Poste to send me and resubmit?

You can contact them and update your address so that they can be delivered directly to you. This eliminates the possibility of a transmission error in the post.

Call them and ask if W2 will be online, and if so, ask W to get it.

Most W2 forms available online are published on the W2express or ADP website. You can always try and see if you are lucky.

I have not yet received my w2 from Major, who retired in October. Cathechandonis ID 1024531

I don't even have Donald Captain Off, why is it taking so long?

W2 From Meijer